Our Lady of Sorrows School


Pre-K Academics

At Our Lady of Sorrows School, we believe that by teaching children to respect themselves, respect others, and take responsibility for their actions, they will develop the character and integrity needed to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Our teaching of these values is founded on our commitment to Christian love and community.

OLS Pre-K’s play-based approach makes learning fun. Every day, our preschoolers have ample time to play in a variety of different settings:
– they run and climb in our gym and playground
– they experiment with materials in our sensory tables
– they explore on iPads and SMART Tables
– they pretend in our imaginative play area
– they paint and draw at our easels
– they listen to stories in our reading corner
– they play with puzzles and build with blocks.

Playing is important work to young children, and there are rich opportunities for imagination, cooperation and discovery in our classrooms.

Our Lady of Sorrows Pre-K is located on the first floor of Our Lady of Sorrows School, which educates students from Pre-K through 8th Grade. Our preschool students receive instruction in the school’s “special” classes, including art, music, and Spanish, and have use of the school’s gym and library. They may also participate in our delicious hot lunch program.

Our Lady of Sorrows School offers the following Preschool programs:

  • Pre-K3 (Mondays-Fridays for 3-year-olds)

  • Pre-K4 (Mondays-Fridays for 4-year-olds)

Pre-K3 Curriculum


Pre-K4 Curriculum