Our Lady of Sorrows School

Pre-K4 Curriculum

Pre-K4 Curriculum


Our Lady of Sorrows Preschool is a play-based approach to learning. We use the guidelines of the Newark Archdiocese Curriculum in conjunction with weekly thematic units. All academic subjects are covered within each unit.

For example – during our unit on pumpkins, Math is taught through counting pumpkins seeds, weighing pumpkins, and shape recognition with jack-o’-lantern faces. Science is taught through pumpkin carving, investigation, and life cycle. Literacy is taught through pumpkin books and journal writing.

While academic subjects are an important part of early childhood learning, we strongly focus on kindness, sharing, manners, and healthy emotional development of the young child. All Pre-K4 children participate in special subject classes: Music, Gym, Computers, Library and Spanish.


Math is taught through many everyday activities:

- Calendar
- Graphing
- Counting days in school
- Number recognition
- Patterning
- Shape identification/sorting and classifying different objects
- Ordinal numbers

All Math activities flow throughout the day during circle time, small and large group instruction, and child-guided play.


Some examples of topics covered are:

- Sink and float
- Animals
- Hibernation
- Chemistry
- Dinosaurs
- Weather
- Seasons



Literacy instruction occurs through three daily read-alouds and a morning message. We focus on literacy topics covered in our class reading textbook. Each child completes work from the book biweekly. Literacy and pre-reading skills are fostered through letter recognition activities, phonemic and phonological awareness. Children are encouraged and guided to write daily.

Religion is taught in every subject daily. Religious principles are taught to guide children in everyday interactions with adults and peers. Respect for oneself and others, along with responsibility, are taught to foster the beginning of healthy character traits. Once a week, we focus intently on a subject in our religious textbook. Common prayers are focused on in preschool such as grace and The Lord’s Prayer.

Special Events

Twice a year, the Pre-K4 children take an exciting journey outside of the classroom. In October, we visit a farm, and in May, we visit the zoo. We have several special guests who come throughout the year to enhance our thematic units. We also produce two plays yearly.

Computer Education

Pre-K4 students will learn the following:

- Starfall: ABC’s, Math skills, beginning reading exercises
- Mouse skills, site navigation, arrow keys
- Microsoft Word: shapes, drawing, WordArt


The children will learn basic Spanish words and phrases, focusing on:

- Colors
- Numbers
- Shapes
- Holidays