Our Lady of Sorrows School

Third Grade Curriculum

Third Grade Curriculum



Geometry and Measurement
-Lines, line segments, rays, and angles
-Plane figures
-Congruent figures
-Line of symmetry
-Perimeter and area
-Solid figures

-Facts through 10
-Using multiplication to divide
-Two digits quotients

Data and Probability
-Collecting and organizing data
-Line plots, pictographs, and bar graphs

-Comparing and ordering
-Equivalent fractions
-Mixed numbers

Place value
-Numbers through hundred thousands
-Round two-, three-, and four-digit numbers
-Comparing and ordering numbersMoney and Time
-Counting coins and bills
-Hour, half-hour, quarter-hour
-Elapsed time

Addition and Subtraction
-Addition properties
-Regrouping ones and tens
-Adding three numbers
-Adding 2 four-digit numbers
-Subtracting four-digit numbers
-Subtracting when regrouping involves zeros

-Measuring to the half inch and inch
-Cups, pints, quarts, and gallons

-Commutative property
-Facts through ten
-Multiply three numbers
-Multiply multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000

Language Arts

-Types of sentences
-Plot, setting, main idea, character
-Character traits
-Nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, pronouns
-Sequence of events
-Compare and contrast
-Persuasive, expository, and informational writing
-Different genres
-Background knowledge
-Verb tenses
-Using a dictionary
-Cause and effect
-Compound words
-Dialogue punctuation
-Making a graphic organizer

-Consonants (hard and soft ‘C’ and ‘G’)
-‘Y’ as a consonant and vowel
-R-controlled vowels
-Short and long vowels
-Compounds, blends, digraphs, and diphthongs
-Contractions, plurals, and suffixes
-Prefixes and base words
-Synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms
-Dictionary skills
-Vowel pairs

-Making Connections
-Writing process
-Point of View

Social Studies

Cultural Diversity
- Immigration
- Communities abroad and across the US
- Locating on a map
- Native Americans
- Pioneers/Colonists/Explorers
- Urban, Rural, and Suburban communities
- Development of communities
- Weather and Climate
- Environmental Awareness
- Rules, Laws, and Responsibilities
- Local, State, and Federal Government
- Rights of citizens
- Symbols of the US/National Holidays
- Patriotic Music
- Wants and Needs
- Jobs/Transportation

-Map title
-Map key
-Map grid
-Map scale
-Locate New Jersey
-Locate the 7 continents
-Locate the 4 oceans
-Locate North and South Pole
-Cardinal directions
-Intermediate directions
-Use a compass rose


- Forms of Energy
- Simple Machines
- Physical features of the Sun and Moon
- Planets and our Solar System
- Seasonal Changes/Eclipses
- Air, Water, and Land Resources
- Renewable, Nonrenewable and inexhaustible Resources
- Protecting Earth’s Water, Land, and Air
- Recycling
- Gravity
- Soil Properties

- Life Cycles and Stages
- Changes in Animals and Plants during Maturity
- Inherited Traits
- Survival of plants and animals
- Needs of Living things
- Habitats and Biomes
- Responding to Change
- Properties, states, and changes in matter
- Forms of energy
- How heat and energy move
- Conduction, Convection, Radiation
- Forces and Motion


- Book: Discovering Spanish
- Holidays

Computer Education

- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft PowerPoint – animation
- Wordle and Tagxedo – word cloud programs
- Mavis Beacon Typing
- Art programs – nga.gov, paint, etc.
- IXL/Sumdog Math Practice
- Turtlediary
- Scratch Jr. Coding