Our Lady of Sorrows School

Second Grade Curriculum

Second Grade Curriculum

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- Addition and Subtraction: sums and differences 0-20
- Addition and Subtraction with and without regrouping using two and three digit numbers
- Place value, number patterns, estimation
- Basic Facts (speed drills)
- Problem Solving
- Data and Graphing: interpreting and making graphs
- Money: values to one dollar, comparing amounts, making change
- Geometry and Fractions: shapes, sides and vertices, congruent forms, symmetry, wholes and parts, unit fractions, comparing fractions
- Introduction to Multiplication and Division
- Measurement and weight
- Telling time to hour, half hour, quarter hour, five minutes, analog, digital, elapsed time
- Addition and Subtraction of 100s


- Needs of living things
- Animal Adaptations
- Plant Adaptations
- Habitats
- Biomes
- Natural Forces and Impact on Environment
- Germs and Bacteria/Prevention of Illness
- Treating Injuries/Staying Healthy
- Characteristics of Light
- Measuring Motion/Forces/Sound Waves
- Pitch and Volume
- Heat and Energy/Forms of Energy
- Properties of Matter/States of Matter
- Natural Resources
- Dinosaurs/Fossil Remains
- Earth’s History
- Changes in Earth’s Atmosphere/Weather Patterns


Reading and Language Arts

- Direct instruction of basic skills by strengthening phonemic awareness
- Develop literacy emphasizing fluency and detailed comprehension
- Literature: fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, folktales, and examples of expository writing, such as biographies and historical events
- Reading group instruction (decodable books)
- Spelling and vocabulary
- Writing skills and journal writing
- Grammar: parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure
- Introduction to cursive writing

- Preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation
- Preparation for the Sacrament of the Eucharist
- Parts of the Mass
- Saints and Holy Days
- Participation in the May Crowning of the Blessed Mother

Social Studies

- Scholastic News articles and activities
- Map skills
- Holidays and current events

Computer Education


- Hail Mary
- Season Poem
- Calendar
- Classroom objects
- Foods
- Special project – Menu
- Holidays

- Basic skills – navigation, cut & paste, copy, delete, save, etc.
- Microsoft Word & Clipart
- Typing
- Excel – beginning graphs
- PowerPoint
- Art programs – nga.gov, paint, etc.
- Turtlediary
- Scratch Jr. Coding