Our Lady of Sorrows School

Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum



Instruction focuses on:
-sorting and classifying
-numbers 0-12
-calendars and clocks
-measurement and money
-addition and subtraction concepts
-geometry and fractions
-greater numbers (including counting to 100)We will be counting to our 100th day (usually in February). Manipulatives are used to provide “hands-on learning.” The children use a book with tear-out pages and a workbook. Additionally, the Kindergarten participates in the IXL computer Math program.


Students will explore a vast array of basic principles of the scientific world. Students actively exhibit curiosity, observe the physical world, identify problems and evidence, predict outcomes, communicate ideas, record data, practice classification, and work cooperatively.

Topics will include:
-the animal world
-habitats and biomes
-living systems
-states of matter
-the uses of technology

Students may pick topics to expand and investigate closer.



In this Open Court program, instruction focuses on phonological and phonemic awareness, letter and sound recognition (letter sounds, short and long vowels, and high frequency words). The program uses Big Books, Read Aloud Collection, Pre-decodables and Decodables, and incorporates writing skills. Two workbooks and a journal are used along with various other materials. A homework book is used to practice letter formation, sounds, high frequency words, and writing skills.

This program is designed to invite the children to discover God’s great love shown through the many good things God has placed in their world. It uses the children’s natural characteristics and human experiences to lead them to an awareness of God’s presence in their everyday lives. They reflect on God’s goodness in creation, in the wonder of their unique selves, and in the love of the people around them. The children use a book with tear-out pages and an accompanying children’s Bible. These pages will come home in the children’s folders as they are completed. In addition to attending the monthly school masses, we will visit Our Lady of Sorrows Church to get an up-close view of the altar and learn about the special things there.


The children will learn basic Spanish words and phrases, focusing on:
-Parts of the body

Computer Education

Kindergarten students will learn the following:

- Basic skills – navigation, cut & paste, copy, delete, save, etc.
- Starfall – Reading & Math skills
- Microsoft Word – shapes, drawing, WordArt
- Art programs – nga.gov, paint, etc.
- IXL (Math app)
- Turtlediary
- Scratch Jr. Coding